Scissor Cigar Cutter

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to stop by Better Cigar. Plain and simple, cigars are our passion. One thing we’ve learned is a very important part of enjoying cigars is having the right set of cigar accessories to properly store, cut, and light them.  There are a lot of options for helping you do these essential tasks so you have to ask yourself…

Are you using the right cigar accessories?

My name is Clay and I personally became serious about cigars a few years ago. Like many out there, I used to be the type of guy that would grab a cheap cigar cutter at the local stogie shop alongside a nice Bic lighter. It was like I was using plastic utensils while eating a filet mignon!

The sad part is that I had no idea what I was missing out on.  My problem was I thought cutters, lighters and humidors were all the same regardless of price. To make matters even worse, I was spending a pretty penny on cigars and storing them in a ziplock bag for way too long.

I learned later that there were indeed much better options out there.  Do you want to know the best part?  You don’t have to break the bank for the best. However, the problem was I didn’t have time to sort through all the cigar forums and online retailers to figure that out.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you make the best buying decision for cigar accessories with unbiased reviews and research. We have purchased dozens of cigar accessories and researched the best practices for our own cigar collections. Now, we want to share this information that we learned the hard way.

We’re always looking to try something new or connect with cigar lovers out there so please drop us a line.